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Oncogenic MYC Induces the Impaired Ribosome Biogenesis Checkpoint and Stabilizes p53 Independent of Increased Ribosome Content.
Morcelle C, Menoyo S, Morón-Duran FD, Tauler A, Kozma SC, Thomas G, Gentilella A.
Cancer research. 2019 Sep 1; 79:4348-4359.

Autogenous Control of 5′TOP mRNA Stability by 40S Ribosomes.
Gentilella A, Morón-Duran FD, Fuentes P, Zweig-Rocha G, Riaño-Canalias F, Pelletier J, Ruiz M, Turón G, Castaño J, Tauler A, Bueno C, Menéndez P, Kozma SC, Thomas G.
Molecular cell. 2017 Jul 6; 67:55-70.e4.

Exome Sequencing Reveals AMER1 as a Frequently Mutated Gene in Colorectal Cancer.
Sanz-Pamplona R, Lopez-Doriga A, Paré-Brunet L, Lázaro K, Bellido F, Alonso MH, Aussó S, Guinó E, Beltrán S, Castro-Giner F, Gut M, Sanjuan X, Closa A, Cordero D, Morón-Duran FD, Soriano A, Salazar R, Valle L, Moreno V.
Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. 2015 Oct 15; 21:4709-18.

ICO amplicon NGS data analysis: a Web tool for variant detection in common high-risk hereditary cancer genes analyzed by amplicon GS Junior next-generation sequencing.
Lopez-Doriga A, Feliubadaló L, Menéndez M, Lopez-Doriga S, Morón-Duran FD, del Valle J, Tornero E, Montes E, Cuesta R, Campos O, Gómez C, Pineda M, González S, Moreno V, Capellá G, Lázaro C.
Human mutation. 2014 Mar; 35:271-7.